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Winter 2008




Ryan Miller







Office of
Alumni Affairs

Ryan N. Miller
Director of Alumni Affairs
Renee’ Motte-Williams
Administrative Assistant III
fax: 918.561.5876

Oklahoma State University
Center for Health Sciences
College of Osteopathic Medicine
1111 West 17th Street
Tulsa, OK 74107-1898

John J. Fernandes,
D.O., M.B.A.,

President & Dean
Marla M. Schaefer, M.S.
Ellen L. Stockton
Art Director
Peggy Billups
Graphic Designer
Terry R. Drenner
Rebcca Nida
Web Designer

The COMmunicator is a quarterly newsletter published by the OSU Center for Health Sciences,
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Alumni Association.








































































Happy New Year, alumni!

What a great and busy year it will be for our alumni association. We thank those who have attended recent alumni events. We were in San Diego for the AOA national convention and the alumni luncheon was attended by nearly 120 alumni and spouses. Association President Dr. Richard Hastings’ presentation at the lunch emphasized the importance of staying connected through the alumni association and supporting our OSU family. More than 100 alumni attended the reception that evening, where Dr. John Fernandes, OSU-CHS president, gave an update on the college and the positive impact we are having in Oklahoma and the U.S. 

Supporting our alumni and students while keeping them connected to the college is the number one priority of our alumni association and 2008 brings numerous plans and event. We are co-sponsoring the Enid Winter Charity Ball, the First United Holiday Gala and the Osteopathic Founders Foundation’s Winterset 2008. We will exhibit at the OOA Winter CME Jan. 25-27 at the DoubleTree Hotel Tulsa Downtown; the ACOFP national convention March 12-16 in Denver (reception 5-7 p.m. Friday, March 14, location to be announced) and the OOA annual convention April 24-27 in Oklahoma City. Look for us at all these events. Come by and say “hi” and grab some of our OSU orange goodies. 

There have been changes for our graduation in 2008. Our new graduation activities include the awards banquet from 5-9 p.m. Thursday, May 8, at the DoubeTree Hotel Tulsa at Warren Place and graduation at 6:30 p.m., Friday, May 9, at the Union Performing Arts Center.

May 16-17 the CME Spring Fling will be held at the Downtown Doubletree Hotel Tulsa. Please call Renee´ Williams at (918) 561-1109 for more information. 

The Alumni Golf Classic is tentatively scheduled June 23 at Clary Fields Golf Club, 9999 S. 49th W. Ave. in Tulsa.

I would like to thank each of you for allowing me the opportunity to represent you, my alma mater, and to be a part of OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine. I enjoy representing you and keeping you connected to our OSU family.


Ryan N. Miller, Director
OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine
Alumni Association


from Rural Oklahoma

During the summer, six OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine students experienced rural health care through the Oklahoma Area Health Education Center’s Summer Rural Externship Program. Toni Hart, program coordinator, matches students with doctors for clinical experience.

Hart said students call the summer rural externship a very positive experience that introduces them to rural medicine in a personal and hands-on way, and reinforces their interest in rural practice. Students took part in a community activity that contributed to better health for that community and an interdisciplinary experience with at least two other health care professionals who are not physicians.


Among the student participants were (from left) Jon Bushman,
Elise Whitson and Tony Zarbano
. Participating physicians
were Frank Evans, D.O., ’94, Kenan Kirkendall, D.O., ’94,
Stacey Knapp, D.O.
, ’01, and Brenda Stutzman, D.O., ’92.


Lounge Dedicated

Funding from the Oklahoma Educational Foundation for Osteopathic Medicine refurbished the student lounge area, now named the OEFOM Lounge. At a recent dedication, students (center to right) Wendy McConnell, Stephanie Reed and Trey Thomason presented thanks from students to OEFOM representatives Steve Whitfill (left), and Duane Koehler, D.O., ’90 (second from left).



Holiday Giving

Loading items from the OSU-COM alumni association are Reneé Williams (right), assistant to the director and Ryan Miller, OSU-COM alumni association director. The items were wrapped and delivered to a fifth grade class at Eugene Field Elementary School in Tulsa, OSU-CHS’ Partner in Education. Each child received an article of clothing and a toy. This is the second year the alumni association has assisted with the event.

Ryan and Renee



OSU Clinical Education

Keeping clinical education for future doctors as much like real life as possible helps teach them how to accurately diagnose patients. OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine’s clinical skills education department’s six-figure investment in upgrades combines trained, live human standardized patients with new medical training simulators (SIMS) to provide an integrated clinical skills training experience.

Joan Stewart, D.O., ’85, associate dean for clinical education, says the new center is a safe, controlled environment where students can practice and refine clinical skills and decision-making before they work with patients. The additional clinical practice contributes to reduced medical errors and increased patient safety, she points out.

The facility integrates the SIMS with human standardized patients trained in various scenarios. The human touch gives emotional and psychological clinical challenges to students. The mannequins present a range of clinical and medical problems that human patients cannot “act out.” Students are evaluated in both SIM and standardized patient encounters, which are recorded and can be reviewed by students and faculty on password protected screens.

Human patients learn to play a role and respond to student’s questions. Students have fourteen minutes to get a patient history, conduct an examination and decide on a differential diagnosis. Then, they have nine minutes to list subjective and objective findings, an assessment and a plan. Students are evaluated on their ability to formulate a correct differential diagnosis, interpersonal and communication skills, patient examination skills including osteopathic structural exam, use of osteopathic manipulative therapy and creating a treatment plan.

Emily Lim

Emily Lim, standardized patient education coordinator,
in the clinical education control room.

Students can use SIMS to practice intubation, starting an IV, chest compression or CPR.

The SIMS can do almost anything human, including regurgitating. They can talk, breathe and answer questions. They can be examined, catheterized and intubated.  Software can make the SIMS “crackle” in one lung and not the other, increase their heart rate, change blood pressure or oxygen saturation and can mimic the physical findings of a very sick patient. Programs can simulate a collapsed lung, a code blue or a more common occurrence such as an asthma attack, angina, or pneumonia.

Students can evaluate the experience thorough feedback, including surveys and comments.


Sims and Students

Clinical education - Joan Stewart, D.O., ’85, and first-year
students Katy Lee and Greg Root work with new medical
training simulators (SIMS) recently installed by the OSU-COM
clinical skills education department. The simulators, along
with trained, live human standardized patients, provide an
integrated clinical skills training experience for students.


Alumni Notes

Michael Eimen, D.O., ’85 and his wife, Vicki, are chairs of the Oklahoma Osteopathic Founders Foundation’s Winterset 2008 event in Tulsa.

Michael A. Kayser, D.O., ’00 has been named medical director for the Warren Clinic Center for Genetics on the Saint Francis Hospital campus in Tulsa.

Jonathan Walker, D.O., ’06 was named “PGY1 of the Year” for the Emergency Medicine Residency at York Hospital for 2006-07.


Elected to Board

John Fernandes, D.O., M.B.A., president of the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and dean of the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, has been elected to a three-year term on the board of directors of the Association of Academic Health Centers. The association is a national, non-profit organization that seeks to improve health and well-being through vigorous leadership of the nation’s academic health centers.


In Memoriam

Janice Giacomo, 54, OSU Continuing Medical Education associate director who worked with physicians in CME and was instrumental in building the program, died Dec. 5, 2007. She joined OSU in March of 1985.


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