Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Faculty Research Interests

  • Robert Allen, Ph.D.
    Identification and utility of DNA polymorphisms for identity testing purposes
  • Holly Ballard, Ph.D.
    Using large-sample osteohistology to assess growth dynamics, individual variability, and survivorship in dinosaurs and other extinct vertebrates, while utilizing the bone microstructure of extant vertebrates
    to provide a framework for paleohistologic inferences.
  • Bruce A. Benjamin, Ph.D.
  • Earl L. Blewett, Ph.D.
  • Nancy J. Carpenter, Ph.D., FACMG
    Cytogenetics and molecular genetics
  • Kathleen Curtis, Ph.D.
    Estrogen effects on the central control of body fluid balance
  • J. Thomas Curtis, Ph.D.
    Environmental influences in an animal model of autism
  • Franklin R. Champlin, Ph.D.
    Cell envelope physiology and antibiotic resistance of gram-negative bacterial pathogens
  • Randall L. Davis, Ph.D.
    Neuroinflammation in CNS disease and infection; and neuroimmune-opioid interactions
  • Paul Gignac, Ph.D.
    Musculoskeletal and dental biomechanics, cranial evolution and paleobiology of feeding in crocodilians and theropod dinosaurs, and contrast-enhanced micro-CT
    imaging techniques.
  • Anil Kaul, M.D., D.D.S., MPH
    Translational research related to women's health and infectious diseases
  • Rashmi Kaul, Ph.D.
    Hormonal Regulation of Inflammation during infections or cancer development
  • Gerwald Köhler, Ph.D.
    Microbial pathogenesis, probiotics and gut microbiota in health and disease
  • William Meek, Ph.D.
    Fine structure of flagellar movement; vimentin arrangement in mammalian cells.
  • Kenneth E. Miller, Ph.D.
  • Doris K. Patneau, Ph.D.
    Structure, function and pharmacology of neuronal glutamate receptors
  • Joseph A. Price III, Ph.D.
    Immunology, Immunopathology, Pathology
  • Charles Sanny, Ph.D.
    Venom-antivenin interactions (appl. Emergency and Wilderness Medicine)
  • Craig W. Stevens, Ph.D.
    Molecular evolution of opioid receptors and in collaboration with Dr. Davis, opioid-neuroimmune interactions.
  • Vivian Stevens, Ph.D.
    Exploring factors and interventions related to adherence to medical regimens
  • Al Rouch, Ph.D.
    Sex differences in renal function and blood pressure
  • Kent Smith, Ph.D.
    Evolution, systematics, biogeography, and functional and comparative anatomy of fossil and recent mammals
  • Kent Teague, Ph.D.
    Development of biomarkers for assessment of inflammation and chronic stress
  • David R. Wallace, Ph.D.
    Effects of environmental or disease toxins on brain functioning
  • Anne Weil, Ph.D.
    Vertebrate Paleontology (mammalian): evolution and recovery from mass extinction events.
  • Nedra Wilson, Ph.D.
    Identification of signaling pathways that regulate the assembly state of cilia/flagella
  • Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D.
    Morgellons disease; roles of channels in: heart, nervous system & cancer.
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