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T. Kent Teague, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Immunology


Research Interests

Basic immunology and tumor immunology. We use a variety of methodologies including flow cytometry, cell sorting, real-time PCR and Western blotting to study the roles of cytokines in promoting the survival, activation and differentiation of T cells.

Representative Publications & Presentations

Van De Wiele, C.J., Marino, J.H., Vo, S.S., Whetsell, M.E. and Teague, T.K. (2004) Thymocytes between the b-selection and positive selection checkpoints are nonresponsive to IL-7 as assessed by STAT-5 phosphorylation. Journal of Immunology April; 172:4235-4244.

Van De Wiele, C.J., Marino, J.H., Vo, S.S., Whetsell, M.E., Masengale, R.M. and Teague, T.K. (2004) Loss of interferon-induced STAT-1 phosphorylation in activated T cells. Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research March; 24:169-178.

Van De Wiele, C.J., Marino, J.H., Vo, S.S., Whetsell, M.E., Murray, B.W. and Teague, T.K. (2004) T cell development is governed by T cell receptor expression and interleukin-7 responsiveness. Proceedings of the OU-Tulsa Health Research Forum (In press).

Marino, J.H., Van De Wiele, C.J., Vo, S.S., Everhart, J. and Teague, T.K. (2004) Cytokine signaling profiles of naïve and memory T cells. Proceedings of the OU-Tulsa Health Research Forum (In press).

Naylor, M.F., Crowson, N., Kuwahara, R., Teague, T.K, Garcia, C., MacKinnis, C., Haque, R., Beaman, C., Jankey, C. and Cornelison, R.L. (2003) Treatment of Lentigo maligna with topical imiquimod. Brit. J. Dermatol. 149 (66), 1-4.

Woodside, D.G., Wooten, D.K., Teague, T.K, Miyamoto, Y.J., Caudell, E.G., Udagawa, T., Andruss, B.F. and McIntyre, B.W. (2003) Control of T lymphocyte morphology by the GTPase Rho. BMC Cell Biology 4:2.

Mitchell, T.C., Teague, T.K., Hildeman, D.A., Bender, J., Rees, W.A., Kedl, R.M., Swanson, B., Kappler, J.W. and Marrack, P. (2002) Stronger correlation of BCL-3 than BCL-2, BCL-XL, co-stimulation, or antioxidants with adjuvant-induced T cell survival. Annals of the New York Academy of Science 975:114-131.

Mitchell, T.C., Hildeman, D., Kedl, R.M., Teague, T.K., Schaefer, B.C., White, J., Zhu, Y., Kappler, J. and Marrack, P. 2001. Immunological adjuvants promote activated T cell survival via induction of Bcl-3. Nature Immunology 2:397-402.

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Teague, T.K., Hildeman, D., Kedl, R., Mitchell, T., Rees, W., Schaefer, B.C., Bender, J., Kappler, J. and Marrack. P. 1999. Activation changes the spectrum but not the diversity of genes expressed by T cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 96:12691-12696.

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Vella, A., Teague, T.K., Ihle, J., Kappler, J.W. and Marrack, P. 1997. IL-4 or IL-7 prevent the death of resting T cells. Stat6 is probably not required for the effect of IL-4. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 186:325-330.

Teague, T.K., Marrack, P., Kappler, J.W. and Vella, A.T. 1997. IL-6 rescues resting mouse T cells from apoptosis. Journal of Immunology 158:5791-5796.