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The following courses are taught by the faculty of the basic sciences departments during the first and second years of the medical curriculum.

First Year
Fall Semester
PE 8117/BIOM 5116 Gross & Developmental Anatomy 7 hours
PE 8124/BIOM 5124 Histology 4 hours
PE 8215/BIOM 5215 Medical Biochemistry 5 hours
Spring Semester
PE 8134/BIOM 5134 Neuroanatomy 4 hours
PE 8316/BIOM 5316 Medical Microbiology & Immunology 6 hours
PE 8616/BIOM 5616 Medical Physiology 6 hours
Second Year
Fall Semester
PE 8415/BIOM 5415 General Pathology I 5 hours
PE 8513/BIOM 5513 Pharmacology I 3 hours
Spring Semester
PE 8245/BIOM 5425 General Pathology II 5 hours
PE8523/BIOM 5523 Pharmacology II 3 hours