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Academic Skills & Career Development Overview

The Academic and Career Development office’s purpose is to serve graduate and medical students in areas of academic advising, study skills and career planning.  Academic advising is an interactive process in which the advisor assists students in setting and achieving academic and personal goals that are consistent with their interests, values, abilities, degree requirements, and career expectations.  Advisors provide a wide range of information to students and may refer them to other appropriate campus resources.  Advisors create a supportive environment in which they may challenge students to take responsibility for making appropriate academic and career decisions.  Advising is personalized to consider the particular needs of each student. There are many factors involved with planning a medical career and our office assist students in understanding each of those factors and helps in the decision  making process.  
Some of the areas the academic and career development office assists students with are:

  • Academic Advising and Study Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Interprets university academic policies
  • Academic Probation/guidelines set by the Academic Standards Committee
  • Referrals for additional resources
  • Disabled students and special accommodations needs
  • Careers in Medicine Planning
  • CV reviews and preparation
  • Personal Statements
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Mock Interviews
  • The Osteopathic Residency Match
  • The Allopathic Residency Match
  • ERAS

Please contact Angela Bacon, Academic Skills and Career Development Advisor for more information.

Angela Bacon, M.S.
Director of Student Services
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
1111 West 17th Street
Tulsa, OK  74107
918.561.8243 (fax)