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Student Handbook

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General Information
Students participating in Military rotations are required to notify the Office of Clinical Education of their scheduled rotation by completing an Application for Rotation and provide to the College the following:

  1. A phone number at the site where the student can be contacted in case of an emergency or College business;
  2. A proper mailing address;
  3. The name and signature of the supervising physician to whom the student is assigned at the rotation site.

Official records of each student's rotation status will be maintained by the Office of Clinical Education. 

  1. Students are solely responsible for maintaining their paperwork. 
  2. Each student is advised to maintain a copy of his/her physician/site evaluations. 
  3. Additionally, if a student has mailed required course materials, each student is encouraged to contact the appropriate College department to verify that the required materials have been received. 
  4. If the course materials have not been received by the office, it is suggested that copies of the materials be faxed to the Office of Clinical Education or the appropriate departments to provide assurance that the required materials will be received prior to the deadline.

An individual Clinical Clerkship Rotation assigned slot/position vacated because of student reassignment, illness, leave of absence, student withdrawal from college, etc., will not be routinely available for reassignment.  The Office of Clinical Education determines slot/position utilization.