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Student Handbook

Table of Contents
Holidays and Vacations
Students receive time off during Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
  • one day off during rotations #5 and #17 for the Thanksgiving holiday
  • two consecutive days off during rotations #6 and #18 for the Christmas holiday
  • must request approval for specific days off for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays from their preceptor and/or Course Coordinator.
  • any additional days given by the preceptor are acceptable.
Students have one mandatory 1-month rotation to be scheduled as vacation time.  Students may also choose to take an additional Elective as vacation time, if needed. 
  • acation time may be requested for any rotation which is not schedule for required courses
  • extracurricular rotations may be requested during these vacation rotation periods, if desired
  • vacation requests and/or extracurricular rotation requests must be submitted to the Office of Clinical Education, just as for any other Elective