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Community Hospital Clerkship
Grand Round Video Lectures

Choose two Grand Round video lectures to view each month for a total of four lectures. You must complete the video lecture evaluation for each Grand Round to receive credit.

To watch via live streaming using conferencing equipment*:
Connect to the Codian Bridge, look for the OSUMC GRAND ROUNDS title, no password is required, you may connect on Wednesday's beginning at 11:50 a.m.
Inside Telemed Network, dial:
    (Durant, Idabel, Miami, Poteau, & Laptops with an OSU Telemed VPN connection)
Outside Telemed Network, dial:
    (Ardmore, Elk City, Enid FMC, Cameron, Carl Albert, NWOSU, etc.)
*If conferencing equipment is available and not listed above or technical assistance is needed contact your OSU Regional Coordinator or call Maggie Taylor (918-688-4770).

To watch via live streaming on a computer:
Connect to:
Click on: Streaming-only interface
No Sign-in name
Conference ID: 2506
No Pin number
Streaming rate: Windows Media (if installed)
Media: Highest rate using Windows Media Player (preferably, but must choose the one for your computer). You may need to install one of the following: WMP, QuickTime, RealPlayer, etc.

For recorded streaming or to access archive streams from the Internet:
Click the IP address link
No Recording ID or Pin number needed
Do NOT Click: "show advanced streaming options"

Click on name: ‘Grand Rounds’ link under Public Folders
All videos are listed by topic name, pick one to click on ‘Watch’
In the middle of screen, under Embedded streaming, change Media drop-down menu to reflect:
384 kbps video/audio using Windows Media Player (if installed)
Click the button: Start streaming

Media: Highest rate using Windows Media Player (preferably, but must choose the one for your computer)
You may need to install one of the following: WMP, QuickTime, RealPlayer, etc.
If recording does not start streaming immediately, may need to download the Codian video decoder which is accessed under the media player screen, titled “Click Here”

You may need to fast forward to advance the recording to the start of the lecture for some videos. The delayed start time is due to the automatic recording that starts before the lecture is scheduled. This allows for connections from a variety of locations with time for necessary adjustments for those connecting remotely to live lectures. Sometimes the speaker is late causing longer start delays in the recordings. The recording is set for 1-hr and 15-mins but usually the lecture is no more than one hour. Extreme delays can cause the recording to end aburptly or before the lecture is completed. Recordings are not monitored or edited. Please let the OSU Regional Coordinator know if you experiece a problem. Poor quality recordings will be eliminated.

Placement of the microphone in the large room with high ceilings requires the sound to be turned all the way up on connecting computers.   There is more than one place to adjust the sound.  There is a computer volume control, a headset or speaker volume, and the recording volume.  If you experience difficulties with the sound after adjusting the volume controls, please report it to your OSU Regional Coordinator and select another video. If you continue having problems, please contact your OSU Regional Coordinator.