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Community Hospital Clerkship

Distance Learning Video Lectures

Choose three different lectures to view each month for a total of six lectures. You must complete and submit the post-test for each lecture to receive credit for each.

Instructions for viewing the videos, as well as a troubleshooting guide, are listed below.  It is suggested that you review and print, if needed, before viewing the videos.

Slow Connections (modems) Fast Connections (DSL, Cable, LAN)

Make sure that your computer has a sound card installed, speakers are connected and volume is up. The lecture videos are best viewed with the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer and with the Latest Media Player installed.

Note: If you installed a new browser version after installing Windows Media Player, you may need to reinstall the player. To do so, click the link above and follow the instructions on Microsoft's web site.

  • click on the appropriate button above to select a lecture (it may take a few seconds to buffer)
  • click play to start
  • click to pause
  • click to resume play
  • click to move from one section to the next (or click on a series of words in the outline)

Posttests: Once you have connected to the designated lecture, you will see a link to the posttest. To open this document, click on the link.

Printing: Once you have opened the posttest, you can print this by clicking your right mouse button on the white area of the document and selecting Print from the menu.

To come back to this page: Simply close (X) the video webpage.

Troubleshooting Guide
If the video does not immediately start playing

  • Windows Media Player is installing an additional codec. You may see the Windows Media Technology logo looping -- this looping occurs because the player sometimes downloads this codec in the background without prompting you.
  • If you are not connected to the Internet and you see the continual looping, you must connect so that Windows Media Player can download the codec.

If the video never plays

  • You may have chosen not to install a needed codec in the past. As a result, Windows Media Player will never prompt you again. You should reinstall Windows Media Player

If the presentation has additional plug-ins

  • You may need to download these plug-ins before continuing to view the presentation.

If the connection seems slow

  • You may not have a sufficient connection rate. For example, if you are connecting from a 28.8k modem, you may have trouble viewing the presentation if it was meant for DSL users. Contact the presentation provider to see if they have a version for your connection rate.