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Quantitative & Behavioral Curriculum
The M.B.A. curriculum is a blend of quantitative & behavioral classes, often with real-world applications, designed to reflect today’s integrated and global marketplace. While basic tools, theories, and concepts are a constant, modifications as a result of feedback from the M.B.A. advisory committee, industry, and alumni help keep the curriculum fresh, current, and timely.

Real-World Applications
The faculty, with varied academic, governmental, corporate, and consulting backgrounds, brings real-world experience to the classroom. As a student, you will receive the necessary theoretical background but will also learn about the latest trends and developments from faculty attuned to what is going on in the real world.  Real-world applications may be in the form of a lecture, company-based consulting project, a practicum, or other means.

Prefix No. Course Hours Description
1st Semester - Fall
ACCT 5183 Financial Accounting 3 Development of the ability to read and to analyze financial statements and to use this information along with other types of information in decision-making.
FIN 5013 Business Finance 3 An introduction to the major areas of business finance: the financial environment in which business decisions are made and the institutions found therein, the financial management practices of a firm securing financing and allocating resources among competing alternatives, and the valuation of financial assets available to the firm and individuals.
MKTG 5133 Marketing Management 3 Consideration at an advanced level of the major elements of marketing from the point of view of the marketing executive. Emphasis on problem solving and decision-making, using an interdisciplinary approach. Development of an integrated, comprehensive marketing strategy.
MGMT 5113 Management & Organizational Theory 3 Contemporary theories of organization. Structure and dynamics of organizational goals and environment.
MSIS 5623 Information & Network Technology Management 3 Design and use of management information systems in businesses and other organizations. Model building, information resource management and decision support systems.
2nd Semester - Spring
ACCT 5113 Managerial Accounting 3 Interpretation of accounting data in planning, controlling and decision-making.
FIN 5053 Financial Management 3 Concepts and theories applicable to the financial administration of a firm. Cases, problems, and readings to illustrate various problems and techniques of solution.
MBA 5303 Corporate Strategy 3 Key issues in formulation and implementing business and corporate strategies. The orientation of top management, diagnosis of what is critical in complex business situations and realistic solutions to strategic and organizational problems.
LSB 5163 Legal Issues 3 Legal environment within which business must operate. Nature and source of law, the operation of the judicial system, the operation of administrative agencies, selected Constitutional provisions frequently involved in litigation of business problems, and selected substantive legal areas having a direct relationship with business operation and decision-making.
MSIS 5303 Quantitative Methods 3 Applications of quantitative techniques to business problems. Linear programming, transportation and assignment models, goal programming, integer programming and networks.
3rd Semester - Summer
    Electives (x2) 6 Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Information Systems, or Economics.