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Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

The Oklahoma State University Medical Center’s Interventional Cardiology Osteopathic Fellowship is a one year fellowship characterized by a well-rounded experience in clinical interventional and diagnostic techniques. The program is organized to provide training and experience in the evaluation and management of a wide variety of patients with acute and chronic cardiovascular conditions, including coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, acute myocardial infarction and other acute coronary ischemic syndromes, valvular heart disease, structural heart disease and peripheral vascular disease.

The goal of the fourth year interventional program is to produce fellows who achieve competency in the performance of a wide range of interventional techniques. Upon successful completion of the fellowship the trainee will be Board eligible in Interventional Cardiology by the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine.

Clinical training will occur in the cardiac catheterization and interventional laboratories within Oklahoma State University Medical Center as well as Saint Francis Hospital, a private non-profit hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma that is the largest and busiest cardiovascular program in northeast Oklahoma. Presently over 6200 diagnostic studies and 2000 interventional coronary and peripheral procedures are performed annually between the two institutions. During training fellows will have opportunities to diagnose, select therapies, perform interventional procedures, and manage and judge the effectiveness of treatment for inpatients and outpatients with chronic cardiovascular diseases. The interventional fellowship will also offer wide exposure in the evaluation of patients with peripheral vascular disease in the selection of appropriate diagnostic and interventional procedures required in a variety of chronic arterial conditions.

Fellows will be expected to develop the skills required to select appropriate patients for specific interventional techniques and will be involved in post-procedural care. This includes but is not limited to balloon angioplasty, stent implantation, rotational atherectomy and treatment of structural heart disease. They will also acquire the skills in performing and interpreting coronary angiographic films, hemodynamics, intravascular ultrasound, and intracoronary Doppler flow and intracoronary pressure monitoring.

Fellows will also attend the cardiology service at Oklahoma State University Medical Center to develop independence in caring for patients with a wide range of cardiovascular conditions.

Followed by Fellowship Duration on the following:

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Duration

The Interventional Cardiology Fellowship program at Oklahoma State University Medical Center (OSUMC) is a one-year program. Rotations are done both at OSUMC and at Saint Francis Hospital (SFH) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Three months are at OSUMC and nine months are done at SFH.

Followed by responsibilities on the following:

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Responsibilities
OSUMC has an Osteopathic Cardiology Fellowship. The interventional fellow acts as an attending and supervises the in-patient cardiology teaching service and has extensive interaction with fellows on the service, in the cath lab and in the non-invasive lab. At SFH the interventional fellow’s interaction with the fellowship program occurs in the cath lab where clinical decisions are made regarding specific patients.