Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Core Competency Tracking at OSU-CHS

The Office of Educational Development, in coordination with the Curriculum Oversight Committee, has almost completed the process of working with course directors and coordinators to identify where core competencies are taught in the curriculum and at what level. Competencies are being matched to objectives, activities, and evaluation methods so that assessment and tracking of core competencies can be implemented throughout the curriculum.

This will allow benchmark assessments to be created that begin from day one and track a student's progress to ensure that they are performing each core competency at the required level as they move through the curriculum.   Problems can be addressed as soon as they arise.

This competency tracking database is being implemented from first year through to residencies years.  Since this is a long process of inputting information and determining levels of achievement, we have developed immediate measures to start the competency tracking process.

OSU-CHS has begun work to incorporate all current paper and pencil assessments such as exams, checklists, rubrics, standardized patient encounter evaluation forms, etc. that evaluate or track core competencies into an online format so that information can be posted and stored into the master database for reporting and summary of student progress. As we complete work on aligning the core competencies to curriculum objectives, activities, and assessment methods, we are aligning the core competencies to assessment questions or activities in both our new testing and surveying system, new standardized patient encounter system and our new academic management system.

Another means of tracking and collecting student skills is accomplished through the use of online case logs.  Students can go online and track non-identifying elements of cases that they have seen from Year 1 and beyond.  This all inclusive tracking system will provide a summary of how well students are doing not only on tests that reflect knowledge of material but also on skills tests related to competencies. In this manner, each student will have a competency sheet that follows them through the curriculum showing their level of mastery.

This information can then be shared among course coordinators, preceptors, and residency directors.  This ensures that communication is not broken as a student moves from course to clerkship and then to residencies and fellowships. By creating this line of communication, areas where a student is not performing well can be revealed and addressed early.

Download a list of the AACOM core competencies here (PDF format).
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