Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Admissions Options

3+1 Program

The 3+1 Program is a competitive program designed for highly motivated undergraduate students who have decided to become physicians, who are interested in practicing primary care medicine in rural Oklahoma, and who would like to accomplish this goal in a shorter amount of time than required in a traditional program.

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Guaranteed Interview / Early Assurance Programs

OSU-COM is committed to producing physicians for the state of Oklahoma. In doing so, OSU seeks to attract the brightest medical school applicants in the country. Two of the criteria OSU emphasizes in addressing candidates for its medical school are their academic readiness and personal characteristics.

OSU utilizes undergraduate coursework and the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to access academic readiness and it uses the interview process to gauge personal characteristics.

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Bridge Program

The Bridge Program promotes entry into the osteopathic medical profession of high-potential students who come from disadvantaged or medically underrepresented backgrounds or are pursuing medicine as a second career. The Bridge curriculum lays out a program of study during the first year of training that incorporates summer academic preparation and focused coursework in the biomedical sciences. After successful completion of the Bridge year, students matriculate into the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine and join the incoming medical school class.

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Rural Medical Track

The Rural Medical Track (RMT) at OSU CHS is designed to prepare students for a rural primary care residency and a successful practice in rural or underserved Oklahoma. Through the RMT you get current updates in rural research, an opportunity for leadership in the Student Osteopathic Rural Medical Club, and exploration of rural primary care residency programs in Oklahoma. You will get the opportunity to work side by side with rural residency physicians and rural practicing physicians and learn more about their lifestyles, challenges and rewards.

Interested students should indicate so on the supplemental application.

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