Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences


Required Clinical Rotations

Community Hospital Clerkships

Two consecutive four-week required clerkships take place in a community-based hospital and are designed to involve third or fourth-year students in all areas of community hospital medical care as provided by family physicians.

Experiences include:

  • Emergency room
  • General medicine
  • Surgical care
  • Specialty care as available

Contact Information

Course Coordinator:
Duane Koehler, D.O.

Phone: 918-584-4387
Email: duane.koehler@okstate.edu

Northeast Coordinator
Xan Bryant, M.BA.

Phone: 918-401-0074
Email: xan.bryant@okstate.edu

Southwest Coordinator
Nicole Neilson, M.S.

Phone: 918-401-0073
Email: Nicole.neilson@okstate.edu

Northwest Coordinator
Alex Jones 

Phone: 918-401-0799
Email: alex.l.jones@okstate.edu

Southeast Coordinator
Danelle Shufeldt, M.BA.

Phone: 918-401-0273
Email: Danelle.shufeldt@okstate.edu



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