Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

High school is the perfect time to begin exploring your interests and discovering the path to achieve your goals. If you enjoy helping people, are interested in science and want to make a real difference in the lives of Oklahomans, you could enjoy a career as a physician.

Oklahoma needs more physicians, especially in rural areas of the state where people may not have regular access to a doctor. At Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, we train students for careers as primary care physicians and specialists, and we even have a rural medical track that gives special training to medical students who would like to serve in rural Oklahoma.

Many students decide they want to go to medical school while earning their undergraduate degree. Did you know that you can start preparing for medical school before you even get to college?

Use the resources on this website to get the inside story about what it takes to become a physician and opportunities to explore what it's like to go to medical school.


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