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Obstetrics and Gynecology Four-Year Residency Timeline

The First Year

The first year of residency focuses primarily on the obstetrical population where you will learn to manage and prioritize patients in triage, labor and delivery, postpartum, and in the Emergency Department. You can also expect to gain exposure to gynecologic patients by assisting in minor and major surgical cases, caring for the patient preoperatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively. Experience in obstetrical ultrasound is also offered in you first year of training. It is suggested that you attend a Comprehensive Colposcopy conference sponsored by the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology during your first year of residency and hands on clinical training.

First Year Rotations
Obstetrics – 3 months
Gynecology – 2 months
General Surgery – 1 month
Ultrasonography – 1 month
Critical care – 1 month
NICU – 1 month
Internal medicine – 2 months
Emergency medicine – 1 month

*Continuity clinic – Half day of clinic weekly.


The Second Year

During the second year of residency, your level of responsibility increases. You begin to evaluate and manage both routine and high-risk obstetrical patients. You will also participate in an increasing number of both minor and major gynecologic surgeries depending on your skill level.  Specialty review in high risk ultrasound is taught by the Maternal Fetal Medicine department to learn cord Doppler and 4-D ultrasound scanning looking for genetic defects. 


Second Year Rotations
Obstetrics - 4 months
Gynecology - 3 months
Nights – 4 months
Maternal Fetal Medicine – 1 month


*Continuity clinic – Half day of clinic weekly.

Conference attendance: Annual ACOOG Fall Conference



The Third Year

In the third year, responsibility for patient care continues to expand in the obstetrical and gynecological areas. Outside rotations during this year include Reproductive Endocrinology, Maternal Fetal Medicine, and Gynecological Oncology .

Third Year Rotations
Obstetrics - 3 months
Gynecologic Surgery - 3 months
Nights – 2 months

Maternal Fetal Med icine - 1 month
Reproductive Endocrinology - 1 month
Gynecologic Oncology - 2 month

*Continuity clinic – Half day of clinic weekly.



The Fourth Year

As a fourth year resident, your level of responsibility will peak as you fine-tune your management and practices related to caring for the obstetrical and gynecological patient. You will also be responsible for various administrative responsibilities in the residency. You will engage in urogynecology with various pelvic floor reconstruction and sling procedures.

Fourth Year Rotations
Obstetrics - 4 months
Gynecologic Surgery - 5 months
Urogynecology - 2 month
Elective – 1 month

*Continuity clinic – Half day of clinic weekly.


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