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Why OSU Pediatrics?

“OSU Peds felt like family to me during my audition rotation, and I knew it would be a great fit for me. The program offered the training opportunities I was looking for and a learning environment that emphasized early hands-on learning, autonomy, and close mentoring relationships between attendings and residents. “
Carly Sorenson, D.O., OSU Chief Resident

“I chose OSU Pediatrics because It had what I was looking for- a strong program that promoted early independence and autonomy, one that produced great pediatricians equipped to work as a hospitalist and/or a clinician, and is much like one big family.”
Sara McDonald, D.O., OMECO Chief Resident

“I loved the size of the program as I saw that it enables residents to get to know attendings and specialists. Everybody was also very nice and welcoming.”
Anjali Chaudhari, D.O., PGY-3

“I chose OSUMC for residency because it provided a strong outpatient and inpatient pediatric training. I knew they could train me to be a great doctor. Also, I felt part of the family.”
Megan Thompson, D.O., PGY-3

“I chose OSUMC for residency because of the autonomy they give their residents. When looking at other programs I saw 2nd & 3rd year residents unable to make decisions about the treatment plan for their patients; this is not something our residents face at all. From day 1 we are expected to know about and have a plan for our patients. But we also have a very supportive group of attendings who will answer any question, day or night, without ever making the residents feel inadequate.”
Amanda Terwey, D.O., PGY-3

“I picked OSUMC for residency because I liked the family and team work atmosphere that I initially heard/was told about. I have not been disappointed since I have arrived and am so thankful for the family that I have made here during my residency.”
Katie Bonds, D.O., PGY-3

“OSU provides for me an environment of support and plenty of opportunity to learn. I enjoy the people I work with and I am challenged to improve on a daily basis.”
Adam Wahlstrom, D.O., PGY-2

“OSU Pediatrics is a very strong pediatric residency program, and the best evidence of that is looking at third year residents who are functioning at a level where they are ready to graduate and perform independently. OSU trains great physicians. This begins intern year as there is a large amount of independence and responsibility placed on interns. However, there is always a senior or attending willing to jump in and help when needed. It is a great balance of independence and support.”
John Lukeman, D.O., PGY-2

“I chose OSUMC because we are a family that works together to reach one main goal, keeping children healthy and happy.”
Carrie Baker, D.O., PGY-2

“I chose OSUMC for residency, because of the sense of "family" I felt when I rotated here as a third year medical student, and again as a fourth year medical student coming to interview. Everyone seemed to get along really well, and they created an environment in which I did not feel intimidated, which I felt would play an integral part in my learning.”
Erica Ike, D.O., PGY-2

“I chose OSUMC because I could tell it was real family unit!! All the residents were happy and proud of the program and I wanted to be apart of something so great!”
Harriet Crockett Woods, D.O., PGY-1

“I felt at home with OSUMC Pediatrics. I saw that I would get great training, have very intelligent colleagues, make great connections and friends, and feel like part of the team making a difference.”
Kristyn Zrenda, D.O., PGY-1

“I chose OSUMC because our program has an excellent emphasis on solid, general pediatrics and clinic medicine as well as a group of attending’s and residents that really work together as a team and family.”
Sister Mary Rafqa Boulos, D.O., PGY-1

“I chose OSUMC because of the people, it is like one big family. The attendings are amazing! The residents are given lots of autonomy.”
Kara Burns, D.O., PGY-1

“I choose OSU Pediatrics because I found the program to be very welcoming. All of the attendings were very friendly and willing to teach. The residents really cared for and supported each other. I felt like I wouldn't be joining a program, but a family.”
Sarah Henshaw, D.O., PGY-1

“I have a particular interest in OMT, and in my opinion this is the top program in the nation for incorporation of OMT into your training as a pediatric resident. Here, you are part of a family. There is no resident left behind. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand, and you never feel alone. Its a non-competitive atmosphere to learn, with a great amount of autonomy.”
Angela Tyson, D.O., PGY-1

“OSUMC felt like home and family!”
Shirlene Samuel, D.O., PGY-1

 “I chose OSU for residency because it’s a well developed pediatric program that has many opportunities to succeed whether it is in clinical medicine - inpatient or outpatient, research and community outreach. And it helps when everyone in the program is so amazing! All the residents, attendings and staff make living here in Tulsa, so far from family, much better!”
Fatma Hanif, D.O., PGY-1

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