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Please follow these guidelines to ensure your project is successful. This page may be printed and used as a checklist.


  1. Schedule the request:
    • Tapings should occur between 8:30am-5:00pm Monday - Friday.
    • Off-hour or last minute (less than 48 hours notice) requests depends on staff availability.
    • Production time is scheduled on a first come first served basis.
  2. Needs assessment:
    • Discuss the specific needs and goals of the shoot between the presenter and Media Services.
    • If you are not the presenter, a telephone call or meeting with the presenter will be necessary.
  3. Location of the taping:
    • Reserve as soon as possible to ensure appropriate equipment is available and to allow for set up time.
  4. Script outline:
    • Proved outline to Media Services prior to the shoot day.
    • A completed script is not required nor does the speaker have to read from it.
  5. Media Release Form:
    • If the presenter is not an employee of OSU-CHS, the Media Release Form must be signed and returned to Media Services prior to the event.


  • Logistics Meeting - A step-by-step walk-through with all involved parties.
  • Shoot takes place

Post Production

  • Editing - 2-3 day turn-around
  • Copies - Give accurate number to Media Services (more can be made later).