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Obesity Medicine TeleECHO Clinic

Access a multidisciplinary team of obesity medicine experts in a virtual learning network with OSU ECHO. Learn about best practices and evidence-based care for children and families struggling with overweight and obesity.

Individuals and families have limited access to experienced obesity medicine professionals despite the fact that:

  • One-third of Oklahoma adults and nearly one in five children are obese
  • The majority of Oklahomans are physically inactive
  • Most Oklahomans do not meet recommended fruit and vegetable consumption recommendations
  • Oklahomans experience high rates of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease
  • The leading causes of death in Oklahoma are preventable

Our multidisciplinary team has over 40 years of combined experience in obesity prevention and treatment. Our team consists of a board certified obesity medicine physician, a licensed clinical psychologist, a registered dietitian, an exercise specialist, clinical pharmacist and a nurse case manager. Registration is required.

Engage in TeleECHO Clinics that will address multiple topics for psychiatric care including but not limited to:

  • Prevention and assessment
  • Staged therapeutic options
  • Screening and diagnosis for common comorbid conditions associated with obesity
  • Successful office visits and expedited referrals
  • Community advocacy and coalition building


Topics for Case-Based Learning and Discussion Include:

  • Genetic, epigenetic, secondary, environmental, social and behavioral causes of obesity
  • Physiology of appetite and weight including neurohormonal pathways, enterohormonal pathways and the function of the adipocyte
  • Pathophysiologic relationship between obesity and various cardiometabolic, biomechanical and other related complications.
  • Bias and stigma
  • Various therapeutic approaches to the prevention, assessment, and treatment of obesity including advocacy, behavioral therapy, healthy nutrition, physical activity prescriptions, pharmacology, and bariatric surgery

How do I present a case?

To present a case at an upcoming Obesity Medicine TeleECHO clinic, email osuobesityecho@okstate.edu to request an ECHO ID number. You will receive an ID and a link to a case presentation form to submit your case.

Obesity Medicine TeleEcho Specialist Team

Colony S. Fugate, D.O., FACOP
Diplomate, American Board of Obesity Medicine
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Medical Director, Family Health and Nutrition Clinic
Jade Goodson, CMA
Project ECHO Clinical Coordinator
Sara Malone, M.S., RD/LD
Dietitian, Family Health and Nutrition Clinic
Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management
Program Coordinator, Cowboys Get Healthy Get Fit
Kerry D. Morgan, Ph.D., CHES
Clinical Instructor in Health Education and Promotion
Physical Activity Specialist and ACE Certified Health Coach
Melissa Gantz, R.N., LCSW
Nurse Case Manager
Health Access Network
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