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Earl L. Blewett, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Microbiology


Ph.D. (Veterinary Microbiology)
Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK

M.S. (Veterinary Microbiology)
Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK

B.S. (Biology)
College of Arts and Sciences, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK

Thesis Research

Blewett, Earl Linwood Structure--Function analysis of BHV-1gB: Importance of proteolytic cleavage of the molecule in infection and spread of virus from cell to cell. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Saskatchewan, 1995

Blewett, Earl Linwood The role of proteolytic cleavage of bovine herpesvirus 1 glycoprotein B in its function. M. Sc. Thesis. University of Saskatchewan, 1990

Extramural Funding

Principal Investigator, "Developing Diagnostic Assays for Baboon Cytomegalovirus," National Institutes of Health, FIRST Award, $350,000

Representative Publications & Presentations

Kalina, T., Lu, H., Zhao, Z., Blewett, E.L., Dittmer, D.P., Randolph-Habecker, J., Maloney, D.F., Andrews, R.G., Kiem, H-P. and Storek, J. (2004) De novo generation of CD4 T cells against viruses present in the host during immune reconstitution. Blood In press.

Glass, R.T., Bullard, J.W., Conrad, R.S. and Blewett, E.L. (2004) Evaluation of the sanitation effectiveness of a denture-cleaning product on dentures contaminated with known microbioal flora. An in vitro study. Prosthodontics. 35: 194-199.

Blewett, E. L., Lewis, J., Gadsby, E. L., Neubauer, S. R., Eberle, R., (2003) brief review: Isolation of cytomegalovirus and foamy virus from the drill monkey (Mandrillus leucophaeus) and prevalence of antibodies to these viruses amongst wild-born and captive-bred individuals. Archives of Virology 148: 423-433.

Blewett, E.L., Black, D., White, G. and Eberle, R. 2001. Isolation and characterization of an endogenous cytomegalovirus (BaCMV) from baboons. Archives of Virology 146:1723-1738.

Blewett, E.L., Black, D.H., Lerche, N.W., White, G. and Eberle, R. 2000. Simian foamy virus infections in a baboon breeding colony. Virology 278:183-193.

Lockridge, K.M., Zhou, S.S., Kravitz, R.H., Johnson, J.L., Sawai, E.T., Blewett, E.L. and Barry, P.A. 2000. Primate cytomegaloviruses encode and express an IL-10-like protein. Virology 268:272-80.

Blewett, E.L., Saliki, J.T. and Eberle, R. 1999. Development of a competitive ELISA for detection of primates infected with monkey B virus (Herpes simiae). J. Virol. Methods 77:59-67.

Eberle, R., Black, D.H., Blewett, E.L. and White, G.L. 1997. Prevalence of herpesvirus papio 2 in baboons and identification of immunogenic viral polypeptides. Lab. Anim. Sci. 47:256-62.

Eberle, R., Tanamachi, B., Black, D., Blewett, E.L., Ali, M., Openshaw, H. and Cantin, E.M. 1997. Genetic and functional complementation of the HSV1 UL27 gene and gB glycoprotein by simian alphaherpesvirus homologs. Arch. Virol. 142:721-36.

Blewett, E.L., Black, D., and Eberle, R. (1996) Characterization of virus-specific and cross-reactive monoclonal antibodies toHerpesvirus simiae (B Virus) J. Gen. Virol. 77: 2787-93.

Kopp, A., Blewett, E., Misra, V., & Mettenleiter, T. C. (1994) Proteolytic cleavage of bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1) glycoprotein gB is not necessary for its function in BHV-1 or pseudorabies virus. J. Virol. 68: 1667-1674.

Blewett, E.L. and Misra, V. (1991) Cleavage of the bovine herpesvirus glycoprotein B is not essential for its function. J. Gen. Virol.72: 2083-2090.

Misra, V. and Blewett, E.L. (1991) Construction of herpes simplex virus that are pseudodiploid for the glycoprotein B gene: a strategy for studying the function of an essential herpesvirus gene. J. Gen. Virol. 72: 385-392.

Instructional Activities

  • Medical Microbiology - MS I - Medical Virology
  • Molecular and Cell Biology (BIOM 6175) - graduate course
  • Techniques in Molecular Biology (BIOM 6263) - graduate course
  • Diagnostic Virology (BIOM 6323) - graduate course
  • Molecular Virology (BIOM 6353) - graduate course

Research Interests

  • Diagnostic assays to detect primate immune responses to herpesviruses.  My research area is the study of primate herpesviruses. In my own lab I work with primate cytomegaloviruses (CMV). In particular I am characterizing a CMV of baboons which I isolated in 1996. In addition I work with other viruses of non-human primates, including Simian Foamy Virus and herpes simplex-like viruses.
  • Detection and Prevention of Encephalomyocarditis Virus (EMCV) infections among animals in zoological institutions.
    I am working in collaboration with Dr. K. Backues of the Tulsa Zoo, and other zoo veterinarians in Texas and Florida to develop a surveillance network for detection of EMCV infections in zoo animals.
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