Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Graduates with Forensic Sciences faculty


School of Forensic Sciences

Our graduates serve as  criminalists, research technicians, laboratory analysts, law enforcement officers, quality managers, forensic document examiners, teachers, and researchers.  Their employers include commercial laboratories; municipal, county, state, and regional crime labs; colleges and universities; and government agencies.  Within 14 months of receiving master’s degrees, 92% of our alumni report having related career positions.Wynn

Of alumni completing the M.S. thesis for specialization in Forensic Biology/DNA, Forensic Pathology, Forensic Psychology, or Forensic Toxicology

  • 71% obtained related employment within 14 months of graduation
  • 12% immediately entered doctoral programs
  •  9% continued in related career positions within 14 months of graduation

Of graduates completing the M.S. non-thesis options in Forensic Science Administration and Forensic Document Examination

  • 84% continued in related career positions
  • 8% obtained related employment



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