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Degree Requirements and Curriculum

The M.S.F.S. degree requires 39 graduate credit hours, a research project, a comprehensive examination,1 and participation in graduate seminars or continuing education,2 all to be completed within 7 years of admission. Typical time for graduation is 2-3 years for full-time enrollment and 3½- 4 years for part-time. The thesis program features tracks in forensic biology/DNA, forensic pathology3 (either microbiology or death scene investigation), forensic psychology,3 and forensic toxicology/trace evidence. Non-thesis options in forensic science administration and forensic document examination are available entirely online. See the chart below for requirements for each degree track or option. The M.S.F.S is accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission of the American Academy of Forensic Science, also known as FEPAC.


  1. Includes a two-part written examination over content and concepts from courses taken, proof of satisfactory courtroom testimony experience (as defined by the Department), and advisory committee review of research and of Part II of the written exam. 
  2. A total of 16 actual hours of either continuing education or attendance at on-campus seminars fulfills this requirement.
  3. This program does not produce forensic pathologists or forensic psychologists.

Download the Oklahoma State University Master of Science in Forensic Sciences Curriculum (PDF)