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Coffee table at a mock crime scene in the 2009 Advanced Criminalistics course.

Scene of the crime! Students in Advanced Criminalistics collect and analyze evidence in a life-like scene.

Evidence at an outdoor scene.

Evidence in the trunk of a car where a mock crime took place.

Potential biological evidence at a mock crime scene.

Forensic students Susie, Emily, Allison, and Minh work the mock crime scene.

Allison surveys the crime scene before completing a preliminary walk-through.

Emily and Susie photograph the mock crime scene.

Susie uses an alternative light source to visualize biological evidence.

Emily photographs evidence in a vehicular crime scene.

The Advanced Criminalistics course received an overview of incendiary devices prior to reconstructing an explosion.

Dr. Wagner, Emily, Monica, Caty, and Ivy wait for the explosions to begin.

Working the post-blast scene; students collect what is left of a bomb in order to reconstruct it.


Putting together the smoldering pieces will help students determine the type of explosive device used. 

Dr. Wagner and Stephanie work with the new LC/MS.

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