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Arson and Explosives Investigation (AEI)
Center for Fire and Explosives, Forensic Investigations, Training and Research (CENFEX)


Arson and Explosives Investigation Graduate Degree Programs

The Oklahoma State University School of Forensic Sciences offers both an Arson and Explosives Investigation (AEI) option in the Master of Science in Forensic Sciences (MSFS) program and a Graduate Certificate (GCRT) in Arson and Explosives Investigation (AEI). These programs offer graduate-level education for law enforcement and military investigators in support of their professional mission, and are designed to meet the needs of law enforcement fire and explosive investigators.

Forensic investigations are complicated and require extensive knowledge in multiple specialties. The training, education, certification, and accreditation of personnel and organizations involved in forensic science, from investigators in the field to scientists in the laboratory, is more important now than ever before.  Students graduating with the MS Forensic Sciences degree or GCRT have the academic background for greater professional accomplishments, to better collect and interpret evidence, generate reports, and testify to findings.

Admission requires a related professional background, appropriate clearance, and prior approval of the program director for these options.  Both the GCRT and the MSFS/AEI option consist mainly of online classes, but have some hybrid courses, utilizing a combination of online sessions and on-site activities.

CENFEX Certificates

The Center for Fire and Explosives, Forensic Investigations, Training and Research (CENFEX), a program within the School of Forensic Sciences, allows students who complete the on-site portion of an AEI hybrid course to obtain a certificate of participation. Should these students later seek a MS Forensic Sciences or GCRT, CENFEX courses can be used as credit toward both the GCRT or MSFS.

Admission Requirements for OSU School of Forensic Sciences graduate programs

AEI Course Offerings and Descriptions


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