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School of Forensic Sciences

The mission of the School of Forensic Sciences is to provide high quality education and training in the field of Forensic Science.  In accomplishing this mission, education and training of qualified undergraduates and practicing forensic scientists to the master’s degree level--and possibly beyond--will provide an ongoing supply of individuals who represent the next generation of forensic practitioners and also advance the field of forensic science through knowledge gained from research. 

The core values of the School of Forensic Sciences include diligence, creative thought, ethical behavior, and quality in the performance of duties.  The School will also strive to instill in each student the desire to remain a lifelong learner.

OSU Center for Health Sciences Coaster

A partnership between Oklahoma State University and the City of Tulsa resulted in $43 million for classrooms, laboratories, and office space  at the OSU Center for Health Sciences.   The new facility serves as home to the School of Biomedical Sciences, the School of Forensic Sciences, and the Tulsa Police Department’s Forensic Laboratory.  Also occupying a building on the OSU-CHS campus is the Eastern Division Office for the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner, which provides internship opportunities through the School of Forensic Sciences.