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Master of Forensic Science Administration
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The Master of Science in Forensic Sciences includes an option in Forensic Science Administration.  This program is designed for individuals with academic or professional experience in forensic-related fields. Applicants to this program may choose between two options:  the administrative track, which develops a broad understanding of the various fields as well as specific knowledge of critical administrative issues in the forensic sciences; or the questioned documents track, which offers academic training for individuals pursuing certification as document examiners. 

The M.S. option in Forensic Science Administration includes 39 credit hours, including 27 hours of core courses and 12 hours of electives, as approved by the faculty advisor. With core courses and most electives offered online, participants may complete the full program without coming to campus.  As a requirement for graduation, degree candidates must take a comprehensive examination and achieve a satisfactory score on the examination, as determined by the student’s faculty advisor.

M.S. students pursuing the option in Forensic Science Administration who are residents of states in the Academic Common Market may ask the governing board of the home state’s universities for permission to have OSU waive the non-resident portion of tuition.  For a list of participating states, see http://www.cep.unt.edu/ACM.html.

M.S. option in Forensic Science Administration
Core Courses

27 credit hours required

Course # Course Title
Credit Hours
FRNS 5013 Survey of Forensic Sciences 3*
FRNS 5073 Quality Assurance in Forensic Sciences 3*

FRNS 5083

Ethics in Forensic Leadership


FRNS 5213 or
FRNS 5523

Molecular Biology OR Forensic Toxicology (chemistry prerequisite)


FRNS 5413 Forensic Pathology and Medicine 3*
FRNS 5613 Criminalistics 3*
FRNS 5653 The Law and Expert Evidence 3*
FRNS 6043 Forensic Management and Organizational Development 3*

HCA 5023

Human Resources in Health Care and Public Administration


12 elective credit hours as directed and approved by advisor

Course # Course Title
Credit Hours
FRNS 5023 Forensic Examination of Questioned Documents 3*
FRNS 5053

Historical Aspects of Forensic Document Examination

FRNS 5063 Scientific Writing, Research, & Presentation 3*
FRNS 5513 Forensic Bioscience 3*
FRNS 5523 Forensic Pathology Toxicology if not taken as core course (chemistry prerequisite) 3*

FRNS 5533

Drug Toxicity


FRNS 5622 Advanced Criminalistics includes lab component 3*
FRNS 5713 Forensic Psychology 3*
FRNS 5723 Advanced Forensic Psychology requires instructor’s permission 3*
FRNS 5913 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation 3*


* Web Course: Extra fee involved.