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Faculty Development Resources

View video and download presentation files from Department of Medical Education faculty development workshops. Video files are in Windows Media Video format.

Workshop Title View Video Presentation
Learning Objectives vs. Learning Goals: What's the difference and how do you write them appropriately?


Download PPTX
Twitter 101: An introduction to Twitter Basics and its use to enhance higher education Download PPTX
Google+: Engaging and connecting with students   Download PPT
Flipping Your Classroom at OSU-CHS  

Download Flipping Your Classroom (PPTX)

Download Utilizing Lecture Capture as a Flipped Tool (PPTX)

Appropriate Use of Electronic Media in the Classroom: Risks and Benefits   Download PPTX
Constructing Exam Questions   Download PPTX
Improving Student Performance: Appropriately utilizing teaching methods and creating learning materials to get the best out of your students   Download PPTX
Incorporating Video into PowerPoint Presentations   Download PPTX
ExamSoft - Refresher Course: The Essentials For Using ExamSoft Watch Now  
Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation Watch Now  
Beyond Track Changes: Collaborative Research Writing Using Authorea Watch Now (WMV) Download PPTX
Beyond End Note: A Comparison of Emerging Reference Managers Watch Now (WMV) Download PPTX
Mapping Assessment Items   Download PPTX
D2L Refresher   Download PPTX
Changes to Copyright & Fair Use: What Faculty Need to Know   Handout (PDF)
Supplements (PDF)
Writing Better Multiple-Choice
  Handout (PDF) Supplements (PDF)
Writing Integrated Learning Objectives Watch Now (WMV) Download PPTX
Handout (DOCX)
Early Identification, Diagnosis, and Remediation of the Struggling Medical Learner Watch Now (WMV)  
Evaluating Assessments: Utilizing ExamSoft’s Item-Analysis to Better Understand Student Performance and Our Exams Watch Now (WMV) Download PPTX
Is Osteopathic Medicine Just About Popping Bones? An Overview of Osteopathic Philosophy and Principles Watch Now (WMV) Download PPTX
Beyond Excel: Exploring Alternative Ways to Design Charts and Graphs Watch Now (WMV) Download PPTX
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