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What is EBM?

Patient Care Model
Life-long Learning
Why is EBM Important?
Available Evidence?
EBM Issues

The Well-built Question

The EBM Process
Anatomy of a Question

Finding Evidence

Selecting a Resource
Searching the Resource
Reviewing Search Results
Returning to the Patient

Evaluating Evidence

Evaluating the Validity
Validity Questions


Knowledge Test

Multiple Sclerosis
Case #2
Case #3
Case #4




Returning to the Patient

The patient

5. Return to the patient - integrate that evidence with clinical expertise, patient preferences and apply it to practice


The study population appears to be similar enough to Laura that we can consider the results applicable to her case.

The results of this study indicate that oral nutritional supplements during hospitalization do not significantly affect risk of death or disability.



6. Evaluate your performance with this patient

Take a moment to reflect on how well you were able to conduct the steps in the EBM Process.

Did you ask a relevant, well focused question? Do you have fast and reliable access to the necessary resources? Do you know how to use them efficiently? Did you find a pre-assessed article?


We now go to the next section, Evaluating Evidence: Evaluating the Validity