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What is EBM?

Patient Care Model
Life-long Learning
Why is EBM Important?
Available Evidence?
EBM Issues

The Well-built Question

The EBM Process
Anatomy of a Question

Finding Evidence

Selecting a Resource
Searching the Resource
Reviewing Search Results
Returning to the Patient

Evaluating Evidence

Evaluating the Validity
Validity Questions


Knowledge Test

Multiple Sclerosis
Case #2
Case #3
Case #4




Searching the Resource

The following example search was conducted in December, 2007 using DynaMed.


Our Question: Search Terms:

Patient Population

ischemic stroke, without dysphagia, elderly



oral protein energy supplements


primary: reduce mortality; secondary: reduce serious disability risk over time



Step 1:
Type into the Find Box the term: stroke and click Browse Topic:


Step 2:
Click the topic Stroke (acute management) since our patient is hospitalized with a stroke:


Step 3:
Results screen for Stroke (acute management). Click Treatment on the left menu column since our clinical question is about therapy:


Step 4:
On the results screen for Treatment DynaMed presents a conclusion about oral nutritional supplements based on a (level 1 [likely reliable] evidence) study published in Lancet:


We now go to Reviewing Search Results