RODNEY T. HOULIHAN, PH.D., Professor of Physiolo­
gy and Associate Dean for Curriculum.
Dr. Houlihan is a former Assistant Dean for Clinical
Affairs at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic
Medicine. He received his B. S. degree in biology-chemistry
from University of Redlands, Calif.; his master's degree in
biology-chemistry from University of New Mexico,
Albuquerque, and his Ph. D. in endocrinology-zoology from
University of California at Davis. Dr. Houlihan has teaching
experience at University of New Mexico; University of
California; Pennsylvania State University; and full professor­
ships at Michigan College of Osteopathic Medicine and
Michigan State University. Dr. Houlihan has research ex­
perienced in oxygen toxicity and pulmonary damage, pul­
monary function, and the lung as a metabolic unit. He re­
ceived grants for study from the Upjohn Company, National
Institute of Health and Office of Naval Research and is
published extensively in professional journals of zoology,
neurology, physiology and aerospace medicine.
WILLIAM G. ROBERTSON, PH.D., Professor of Physiol­
ogy and Chairman, Medical Biology Division.
Formerly, Supervisory Research Physiolog ist and Chief,
Applied Physiology Branch, USAF School of Aerospace
MediCine, Brooks AFB, Texas, Dr. Robertson did his un­
dergraduate work at the University of Maryland and Shepherd
College, West Virginia and later received his doctorate in
Physiology from the State University of New York at Buffalo.
He is former Adjunct Associate PrDfessor of Environmental
Physiology at the University of Texas School of Public Health
and Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Society. He
is extensively experienced in cardiovascular, respiratory
and environmental physiology, especially as these areas
relate to adverse aerospace envi ronments. Dr. Robertson is
former senior staff scientist and program manager at the
Inhalation Toxicology Laboratory, Hazelton Laboratories,
Falls Church, Virginia and has served as an instructor in
aviation physiology and conducted research for the American
Cancer Society. He has participated in NASA biomedical
workships, is a prominent member of a number of physiolo­
gical societies and organizations and aerospace medical and
physiological associations, and is widely published in aero­
space medicine journals.
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