ROBER T S. COt,mAD, PH. D., Assistant Professor
of Microbiology.
Dr. Conrad comes to the College from a postdoctoral
fellowship study in the Department of Microbiology and
Immunology at the Baylor College of Medicine. He com­
pleted undergraduate studies at Oklahoma State Univer­
sity where he received a B. S. degree in bacteriology.
His advanced studies occurred at University of Oklahoma
Health Sciences Center where he earned a Ph. D. in
microbiology and biochemistry. A native Oklahoman,
he has been published in the Journal of Bacteriology and
has authored papers for national meetings of the Amer­
ican Society for Microbiology. Dr. Conrad's area of
special expertise is the metabolism of amino acids by
KIRBY L. JAROLIM, PH.D., Assistant Professor of
Professor Jarolim formerly was employed by the
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center where he
served as a teaching assistant in microscopic and gross
anatomy in the Department of Anatomical Sciences and
instructor in histology and microscopic anatomy in the
Department of Pathology. Born in Oklahoma, Dr. Jarolim
did his undergraduate work in biology at Central State
College and received an M. A. in anatomical sciences
from University of Oklahoma. He participated in addi­
tional study at the University of Missouri. His major
interest areas include microscopic, gross developmental
and comparative anatomy, and histochemistry.
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