CLYDE B. JENSEN, PH. D., Assistant Professor of
Pharmacology and Physiology.
Dr. Jensen received his doctoral degree in physiology
and pharmacology from the University of North Dakota School
of Medicine. His undergraduate studies were in zoology at
Brigham Young University. He holds a master's degree in
physiology from the University of North Dakota. His academ ic
experience includes teaching zoology at Ricks College, Idaho,
and biology for the Indian Studies Program at Bringham Young.
A former graduate teaching assistant at the University of
North Dakota, he has received honors and awards from the
National Science Foundation, Merck Foundation, and National
Institute of Health. In addition he has presented papers at
regional, national and professional symposia and has publish­
ed in national journals of physiology.
LINDA K. MASSEY, PH.D., Assistant Professor of
Dr. Massey is a former instructor in the Department of
Microbiology and Immunology at University of Oklahoma
Health Sciences Center. Recently, she completed a year of
work at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation as a
postdoctoral fellow studying the control of cancer cell growth.
A native Oklahoman, she is a graduate of the University of
Oklahoma in microbiology and received her doctorate in
microbiology with minor studies in biochem istry. Selected as
a National Institute of Health pre -and post -doctoral fellow,
she received the Phi Sigma award as Outstanding Graduate
Student in Biology and is published in national journals of
microbiology and bacteriology.
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