THEODORE D. McCLURE, PH.D., Professor of
Dr. McClure previously served as associate pro­
fessor in the Department of Anatomical Sciences for
the Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry at University
of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Holder of a
bachelor's degree in biology from Simpson College,
Iowa, he earned master's and doctoral degrees from
the University of Oklahoma in neuroanatomy.
tion to laboratory and research experience in the
Department of Biology at Simpson College, his teach­
ing credential include a fellowship and professorial
appointments in the University of Oklahoma Depart­
ment of Anatomical Sciences. He has published in the
American Journal of Anatomy and the Anatomical
Record and Experimental Neurology.
PAULD. MOONEY, PH.D., Assistant Professor
of Biochemistry.
Dr. Mooney served as assistant professor of
chemistry at Quinnipac College, Connecticut, and
most recently as a member of the postdoctoral re­
search staff of the Department of Pharmacology,
Yale University School of Medicine. He also possesses
graduate research and teaching experience at the
Oklahoma State University Department of Chemistry.
His undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies were
in chemistry at Oklahoma State where he was honored
as OSU's Outstanding Graduate Assistant. His areas
of specialization include organic synthesis, spectros­
copy, chromatography, enzyme isolation and metal
chelate chemistry. He has prepared articles for pub­
lication in several national journals of medical chem­
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