ROBERT C. RITTER PH.D., Associate Professor of
Dr. Ritter, a native Oklahoman, is former associate
professor, Department of Microbiology, McNeese State
University. He received bachelor's degrees in bacteriology
and medicine, a master's degree in bacteriology and a doc­
torate in microbiology, with minor studies in biostatistics
from the University of Oklahoma. A former instructor at
OU, his area of concentration is principles of bacteriology
and pathogenic bacteriology. In addition to work as a labora­
tory mycologist with the
S. Public Health Service, he
served as clinical laboratory bact eriologist in the infectious
disease laboratory
the Department of Pediatrics at Univer­
sity of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. His major fields
of interest include epidemiology,
and quantitative
aspects of pathogenic microbiology and the study of human
systemic fungal diseases. He has several publications in
national journals of hygiene and bacteriology to his credit.
LOGAN, M.A., Librarian.
Miss Logan is a former Acquisitions and Technical
Processing Librarian at Tulsa Junior College. She holds
bachelor's and master's degrees in library science from
the University of Oklahoma, where she was named to Beta
Phi Mu, international library science honor society. For­
merlya Naval Communication Station Personnel Officer at
Stockton, California with rank of Lieutenant, she also
served as Naval Assistant Communications Officer at
Jacksonville Naval Air Station.
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