STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - Chris Hanson, as a representative of the student
was selected for this committee, which was organized to assist the students in academic and
non-academic areas.
OKCOMS STUDENT AUXILIARY - This group was formed early in the
history of the school. Organization was assumed; officers were elected; and
functions were planned by this organization in an orderly fashion. The first
function arranged by the Auxiliary was on November
1974 at the Lafeyette
Apartment Complex. It was a BYOL informal gathering to help relax stu­
dents and make acquaintances. The Auxiliary then turned its thoughts to fund
raising on November 9, 1974 with a quite successful garage sale. Then on
November 22, 1974, after the first annual convocation, there was a recep­
tion hosted by the Auxiliary. On November 26, 1974 the Auxiliary sponsored
a Thanksgiving Fest for the students, wives, and friends of the class. After
finals on December 13, 1974; the Auxiliary was responsible for a night out
at the theater - in this case the Spotlight Theater - to see the long running
show "The Drunkard". The faculty and students were in attendance. The
Auxiliary held a Valentine's Day Dance at which there was a raffle sponsored
for the Scholarship Fund.
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