John Barson
John Barson was born in September of 1928 in Glassport, Pennsylvania.
He first attended Eastern Michigan University where he studied Biological
Sciences, Physics, and German; receiving his A.B. degree in '1950. Wayne
State University awarded John Barson his Masters degree of Education in
1956 where he had concentrated on Instructional Media. In 1962, he re­
ceived his Ed. D. degree from Wayne State University for his studies in
Instructional Development and Media. Dr. Barson and his wife, Eleanora,
have three children: John, Thomas, and Nora. Dr. Barson's interests are
in music, tennis, travel, and water sports.
Since his graduation from Wayne State. Dr. Barson h9.s had several
professional appointments:
1963-65 Associate Professor, Instructional Media Center. Michigan
State University.
1965-67 Professor Instructional Media Center. Michigan State Univer­
1968-70 Professor and Coordinator of Instructional Programs. College
of Human Medicine, Michigan State University.
1971-74 Associate Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Profes­
sor of Medical Education Research and Development, Michigan State
John Barson is now the Founding President and Acting Dean of Oklahoma
College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery. In developing the college,
Dr. Barson worked with the legislature in preparing an appropriate budget.
He worked on Federal Assistance programs. He helped in the design,
approval and acceptance of bids for the remodeling and equiping of the
interim classroom and laboratory facilities. He developed the student
admissions program, inviting 36 students to enroll in the first class. He
developed hospital affiliation with the osteopathic hospitals in Tulsa,
Oklahoma City and Enid. He has done much to improve the professional
relations with the state and national osteopathic profession. and with civic
and business groups.
Dr. Barson has written many articles and shared joint authorship in
RY VIEW. Recently, he has been guest speaker at several Osteopathic
Association Conventions all over the United States: Seattle, Washington;
Houston, Texas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Las Vegas, Nevada; PhoeniX,
Arizona; Oklahoma; and even in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Barson
lectured atvarious educational facilities over the North American
continent. Puerto Rico and Hawaii.
We are very much indebted to Dr. Barson for all he has done for
Oklahoma College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery. Thus, the staff
of AESCULAPIAN '75, hereby dedicate our publication to this man and all
the others who aided in establishing this school.
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