There is no formal chapter locally of undergraduate members of the American Osteopathic
Association. Members of AOA receive the AOA JOURNAL, and DO magazine.
First row: Roger Lalich. Gary Fine.
Tom McCulloh. Glenn D' Arpa.
Gary Hoff. David Grider. Bobby
Adams. Second row: Ron Carr. Paul
Ruble. Neal Templeton. Sheila
Smith. Ann Shemo. Jim Campbell.
Third row; Chris Hanson. Tom Har­
rison. David Harris. Bob Wakefield.
Mike Mowdy. Herb Yates. Mike
Spence. Mike Callery. Ron Marek.
Louis Hanson. Terry Brown.
First row: Chris Manschreck. Harry
Payton. Jim Ford. Ralph Ritz. Chip
Cooper. Shirley Haynes. Second
row: Keith Enlow. Steve Reinhan.
Glenna Zoldoske. Pat Conley.
Roger Thomas. David King. Charles
Mettry. Mark Sizemore. Steve
Walker. Chip Crowell. Third row:
Gary Cannon. Joe Perks. Keith Rus­
sell. Phil Nokes. Jay Johnson, Gary
Lovell. Larry Bachle. Mike Salrin.
Gary Gramolini.
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