First row : Bob Wakefield. Glenn
D' Arpa. Herb Yates. Gary Hoff.
David Harris. Second row: Gary
Fine. Tom Harrison. Roger Lalich.
Terry Brown. Tom McCulloh. Third
row: Chris Hanson. Mike Mowdy.
Mike Spence. Ron Marek,
First row: Chris Manschreck. Harry
Payton. James Ford. Steve Walker.
David King; Second row: Pat Con­
ley. Keith Enlow. Joe Perks. Roger
Thomas. Mark Sizemore. Bob Blu­
ba ugh. Beth Bayless. Third row:
Gary Cannon. Keith Russell. Phil
Nokes. Jay Johnson. Gary Lovell.
Mike Salrin. Gary Gramolini.
Although there have been members of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association at
OkCOMS since 1974, this year marked the formal organization of a local chapter. SOMA
members participate in projects aimed at furthering the osteopathic profession and
OkCOMS. In addition, members receive several journals at discount prices, information on
internships, and cooperate in the dissemination of information on National Board examina­
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