The annual convocation, held this year
at the Boston Avenue Methodist Church,
featured Distinguished Public Service
Awards for six persons. Honorees were
Myron S. Magen, D.O., Dean of the
Michigan State University College of
Osteopa thic Medicine; E. A. Felmlee,
D.O., and R.D. McCullough, D.O., both
Tulsa physicians and members of the Col­
lege Advisory Committee; Geron Meeks,
D.O., President of the Oklahoma Osteo­
pathic Association; and Joe F. Gary of
Durant and G. Ellis Gable of Tulsa, both
State Regents for Higher Education.
During the convocation, members of the
new first year class were introduced by Dr.
R. T. Houlihan.
Awards were also presented by the class
of 1977
Clyde B. Jensen, Ph. D., and
Robert M. Fogel, D.O. for excellence in
the Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences
The class of 1978 was presented
faculty, students and guests.
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