Myron S. Magen, D.O. Spoke
Dr. Magen, distinguished Dean of MSU-COM, spoke on
the topic "Prophets, Planners and People." In his summa­
tion, Dr. Magen stressed the importance of disengaging
from "the adversarial relationship which, at least at the
level of the subconscious, has been present." He further
stated the need to "decrease the ego,
sublimate and sup­
press the hostility, to disengage from rhetoric, to reexa­
mine our process, to sharpen our tools, to work for the
improvement of the quality of life of all. . ."
Cl yde B. Jensen, Ph.D., receives
his plaque for excellence in Basic
Robert M. Fogel, D.O., accepting
his award for excellence in the
Clinical Sciences.
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