bers seated, left to right: Larry Mobly, Mickie Bagley, Steven Buck, Rose Mary Dagen, Bob Kiehn.
k row: Jane Zelenski, Ronnie Martin, Ken Smith, Dick Tayrien, Trey Styler.
Sigma Phi is the national honorary Osteopathic society which is represented by
e Theta on the OCOMS campus. Membership is limited to those students who show a
-oh degree of professional promise while maintaining academic levels that rank them
-thin the top 30% of the class. A member of Sigma Sigma Phi is felt to exemplify
fessional promise by service to the College and community in ways which will
ance the public image and acceptance of the profession. Numerous projects (i.e,
.3peaker programs, tutoring, blood drives, noon case presentations) are continuously
ing carried out in an attempt to meet these goals.
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