L to R: Paul Bruner, Priscila Garcia, George Tompkins, Janet Aganad, John Romano
Four long years have passed since the last OCOMS Yearbook was published. Lack of enthusiasm was cited as the reason.
It is said that spirit and pride develop with time and accomplishment. OCOMS has been a viable institution for more than a decade
and has graduated many excellent physicians.
It is the intent of the Yearbook Committee to rekindle some school pride by publishing a book that portrays all aspects of the life
and events at OCOMS. Working independently and without school funds, the 1985 Yearbook is the product of hard work by student
staff members.
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the editors and staff members for their many hours of work and dedication
to our school. They have proven to me that spirit and pride are alive and growing at OCOMS.
Respectfully yours,
Yearbook Editor
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