The Pinnacle Staff has endeavored to include
everyone associated with OCOMS and Finis Smith
Clinic in this book. We undoubtedly missed a few
people due to various circumstances. If you were
not properly represented in this book, please un­
derstand that this was certainly unintentional, and
please accept our apology. To those who have
shown interest in and given support to this project,
we give special thanks.
After perusing the pages of this book, one real­
izes that OCOMS is more than just a medical
school. Research, academics, and community ser­
vice are but a brief survey of the many topics that
could describe the progressiveness of this institu­
is our hope, however, that this book has
reminded you of these important aspects of
OCOMS. Hopefully, it additionally exhibited the
many textures of the institution. We also hope that
this book gives you a broader perspective of
OCOMS, and that it reflects the pride that we all
share in this institution.
The 1985-86 Pinnacle Staff
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