Facing Page; top left, Dr. Loren Martin. Top right, Dr. Gary Watson. Middle left, Dr. Stan Conrad. Middle right, Dr. George
Brenner. Bortom left, Dr. Michael Pollak. Bottom right, Joseph Spadafora, D.O. Above photos; left, Jean Harrell. Middle, Lark
Randall. Top right, Dollie Smith. Bottom right, Kimberlee Rymas. Below are listed the research efforts of some of the OCOMS
research faculty.
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care physician." JAOA, October
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explain adaptive resistance to polymyxin." Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 1984.
Dianne Miller-Hardy, Ph.D., "Pathologic and Physical Aspects of Atherogenesis With Detection of Atherosclerosis Using Gated, Surface Coil Magnetic
Resonance (MR) Imaging:' Current research topic.
Orrwin Schmidt, Ph.D., "Rises in Titers of Antibody to Human Coronaviruses OC43 and ZZ9E in Searrle Families During 1975-1979." American Journal of
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William Meek, Ph.D., 'The Morphology of the Cytoskeleton in Cancer Cells and Fibroblasts From Patients with Genetic-Related Diseases." Current research
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