MUSIC: Movie soundtrack music albums have become quite common, often being
more successful than the movies themselves. Tears for Fears, Wham!, Lionel Richie,
Stevie Wonder; Kenny·Rogers, and Huey Lewis and
News were some of
Chart Toppers of 198:5.
song "We Are The World", which spoke on the subject of
world hunger was a tremendous success.
TELEVISION: Short epic series, such as "North and South" and "Mussolini" were
popular in 1985. Stereo broadcasts for television began in mid-198:5. A sampler of
current T.V. series favorites would certainly include "The Cosby Show" and "Miami
CARS: Car styling has become very European. Several cars even from the United States
and Japan have molted into
Eurosport look. Sleek styling and functional perfor­
mance have become the rules of the industry. U.S. luxury cars were downsized again in
1985. The convertible has returned to the production line.
STEREO EQUIPMENT: The technology of digital reproduction of music continues to
improve. Digital compact discs have so revolutionized the sound and playback technol­
ogy of music that some authorities predict that they will render analog vinyl discs
obsolete by the 1990's.
CORPORATIONS: Giant corporation mergers have become common,
and Gulf, G.E. and RCA, etc.
MEDICINE: The medical profession is currently faced with ever-increasing malpractice
insurance, more outpatient procedures, HMO's, PPO'S, DRG's, and who knows what
else to come? Public awareness (and fear) of the AIDS virus increased substantially in
1985. Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging has been growing in popularity and hospitals
have begun to purchase MRI scanners.
BEVERAGES: 19&5 saw the change
New Coke, the return to Classic Coke,
addition of Cherry Coke and what next? Nutra-Sweet has been widely accepted in diet
beverages and in many foods as well.
GAMES: Trivial Pursuit and like games have seemed
be the craze of recent years.
FOOD: Fajitas have become popular items on Mexican food menus.
WORLDWIDE: Acts of terrorism were numerous in 1985, and there was an increased
awareness of world hunger.
ECONOMIC: On Wall Street, several industrial average records were broken in the
bullish direction in 198:5. The DowJones Industrial Average soared into the 1500's in late
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