The Second Floor
he second floor holds an
interesting jumble of
humanity. Take
in-residence: They are very clever
with their hands. There are also
research techs in the
neighborhood who help explore
the wonders of the universe. And
administrative assistant types who
create order out of the chaos
their bosses create. They are
clever, too. And then there are
the instructors-but more about
them later. On the second floor
there is also a place called the
Star Chamber. Bad little
transients are taken there and
people in black hoods read to
them by torchlight from the
Book of the Damned . Of all the
places in all the neighborhoods,
this is the scariest by far. The
prospect of visiting the Star
Chamber makes transients­
first year transients­
very nervous.
Larry Cherry, D.O., Asst. Dean of Clinical Education, KC, 1975
M. Jean Root, D.O., Asst. Prof. of
Genenal Practice, OCOMS, 1982
W. Stephen Eddy, D.O., Asst. Prof. of
General Practice, OCOMS, 1981
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