Student Associate Auxiliary
The SAA is OCOMS oft­
forgotten blessing in the
background. Its membership is
comprised of the folks who
keep the students' lives
together, the rough edges
smoothed. They are the ones
we are dependent upon for
reality. The organization offers
them supportive interaction
that we students often take for
is part of our daily
routine - but not so for them.
They love us and we are
Terry Lovell, President
Robin Bowman, Secretary
Sheri Kramer, Treasurer
Laura Mitchell, Sargeant-at-Arms
Ruth Evans, AOOA Advisor
Glenda Carlile, National SAA Counselor
Membership: Cynde Lamb, Karen Moran, Terry Lovell, Laurie
Behrendsen, Ginger McCoy, Cheryl Dean, Laura Mitchell,
Kay Embry Smith, Libby Anderson, Robin Bowman, Renee
Fulp, Sheri Kramer, Cindy Ciemenski, Kelli Denny, Susan
Kemp,Joanie Koehler, Karen Albert, Lynne Anthony, Laverne
Barnes, Lisa Calava, Esther Grossman, Cathy Melton, Carol
Ann Steele, Stephanie Priest, Kim Williamson, Shelley
Wieting, Shana White, Jenna Nicholson, Cheryl Hooks,
. Connie Magee, Tracy Kirshstein.
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