Times 1986-1987
his years PINNACLE Parade was another year that was and went.
There were multiple occasions and occurrances that have marked
this time as eventful. The Challenger went down in a Blaze of
Glory with all seven crew members looking up. The Titanic, finally found
in her tomb on the Atlantic floor, was left alone to rest in peace. There
was another Royal Wedding. Oh, and another Star Trek was released,
number four (real Trekkies never die, they just go on to OCOMS). Katie
Crawford's son went Pto (football, for the uninformed). There were more
offspring brought forth among all four classes this year than in any year in
the history of the school. Obviously, something had to be done to
toughen up the curriculum. Al Capone's secret vault was opened in the
basement of some obscure building in Chicago-it was found to be as
empty as his life had been. This year saw the return of the Monkees as a
popular group. Hard to believe, but there it is. The World Series (in case
Dr. Monaco is reading to check our knowledge of REALLY important
medical information) was won by the New York Mets after a "coronary"
playoff against the Boston Red Socks. Breath-taking, so to speak.James
Brown, EltonJohn, and Little Richard, some singing a different tune, all
returned to the music scene after their respective sojourns "far from the
madding crowd". The number one single recording in 1986 was "That's
What Friends Are For". We learned that our first year.
was a good year. We all grew in different ways and directions, but we
GREW. Some grew more than others, but no one went backwards. In our
corner of the world, we saw another demonstration of the whims of
political fancy . Democratic Governor George Nigh came to Tulsa to
present the Gavel to Mrs. Fannie Hill when she became the first Black
Woman to Chair OCOMSĀ· Board of Regents. Then, inJanuary of 1987,
Republican Governor Henry Bellmon announced his intent to close the
place down to establish yet another four-year undergraduate institution.
We spent the year awaiting Dr. Stan Conrad's return from a year's
sabbatical at the Max Planck Institute, where he was rubbing shoulders
with all those scientific muck-ety-mucks. We noticed his absence.
There were so many milestones in so many of our lives; none of us
would ever be the same. And Willard Mounce showed us the way to meet
our Maker.
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