Gosh! Just think of all
you went through ro get
here ... all those hours of
stud y . . . all those deferred
pleasures .. . all those tests.
And how about that nine
hours in purgarory, fondly
known as the M-CAT?
And the ever -ro -be -forgot­
ten, somnambulistic night­
mare called THE INTER­
VIEW: "It seems here your
academic record rook a lit­
tle tailspin, Mr. Schlotzky.
How do you account for
this "D" in Eurythmics?"
"Well, sir, y'see, I had an
attack of infrapatellar ar­
rythmia in the middle of
SWAN LAKE and I fell
into the orchestra pit-but
I swear, sir, I wanna be a
G.P. more than anything
. ..
The DSM -III doesn't
have our number yet, but
on it.
"Masochist, Psychosocial
(see Medical Student)".
John Choate
Rachel Coder
Paul Coleman
Mike Cooper
Scott Cordray
Melanie Ghormley
Kenny Grider
. :
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