Janet Gomez Aganad, D.O.
Janet is a candle among friends. She finds the rainbows
after the rain. She will be a true physician and a dear
friend always.
From Schiller Park, Illinois
B.S. 1982 Loyola of Chicago
Jack Stephen Aldridge, D.O.
Jack made the extra effort to support and stimulate the
class as a whole. He illustrated leadership in a dedicated
and professional manner. I respect him as a friend and
professional colleague.
From Muskogee, Oklahoma
B.S. 1%9 N.E. State University
Anita Maria Anderson, D.O.
You cannot experience your own interior by closing your
eyes and concentrating on it. In order to discover your own
contents you have to investigate the inside of someone else.
From Kirksville, Missouri
B.S. 1980 N.E. Missouri State University
Michael Wayne Anno, D.O.
"Mr. Minutia " can be counted on to give the exact length
of the loops of Henle in the Kangaroo rat. AnJtime now
may pop into OP&P,
minutes late, and give his
memorable statement, "What are you all doing? "
From Midwest City, Oklahoma
B.S. 1982 University of Oklahoma
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